The Future of Digital Advertising: How Retail Media Transforms Digital Ad Campaigns Without Cookies

Faced with the impossibility of continuing online behavior tracking for audience construction and activation in digital advertising campaigns via cookies, Retail Media emerges as one of the most accurate and reliable solutions. This is not only due to its ability to identify high-value users but also because of the potential for more advanced measurements through business-focused metric analysis.

After Google announced that during the second half of 20241, it will eliminate third-party cookies in its Chrome browser (which holds a 75.7% market share as of May 2023), many advertisers felt bewildered about the future of their digital advertising campaigns. This is because one of the main advantages of this type of advertising was the ability to target their ads to audience segments that matched specific browsing and content consumption behaviors aligned with their brands.

For example, a deodorant advertiser could reach users through graphic and video ads who, through tracking their online behavior via cookies, were identified as outdoor sports enthusiasts.

In the face of the impossibility of continuing online behavior tracking for the construction and activation of audiences in digital ad campaigns via cookies, Retail Media emerges as one of the most accurate and reliable solutions. This is due to its ability to identify high-value users based on transactional behavior data signals, as well as the potential for more advanced measurements through the analysis of business-focused metrics, such as sales or ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) 3.

For this reason, at Éxito Media, we want to share 2 main reasons why you should implement Retail Media campaigns in your digital paid media strategy.

  • Enhances the Relevance of Your Digital Ad Campaigns: In December 2022, Éxito Media conducted a test comparing the click-through rate (CTR) performance of two digital ad campaigns on the META platform for two advertisers in the personal care category. The first campaign used audience targeting based on interests, selected through the META platform. The second campaign utilized audience targeting based on users who had purchased the advertiser’s products in the last 52 weeks at Éxito’s physical and online stores, which were integrated into the META platform via its API4. The behavior of both campaigns was monitored concurrently for 3 consecutive weeks, resulting in a 43% improvement in CTR for the campaign with audience targeting based on transactional data signals compared to the CTR achieved by the campaign that relied on interest-based audience targeting on the META platform.
  • Boost Your Product Sales in Éxito and Carulla’s Physical and Digital Channels through Paid Social and Open Web Inventory Campaigns: One of the major advertisers in the mass consumption goods category decides to launch long-term Always On5 campaigns, both on Paid Social platforms and programmatic ad-buying platforms, using Éxito Media’s transactional data ecosystem. In the first month, through Éxito Media’s measurement capabilities, it was identified that the campaign’s average ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) exceeded 8:1. With this information, an audience strategy was implemented, increasing investment and ad impressions for audiences with the best sales performance, resulting in a 2X ROAS growth in the second month and reaching up to 7X in the third month.

For these two reasons, we can conclude that, on one hand, segmentation based on real transactional behavior allows your brand to reach its consumers with highly precise and relevant messages. On the other hand, real-time campaign monitoring facilitates performance optimization for better results. Additionally, you have the possibility to target and measure the sales performance of high-value audience segments in your digital advertising campaigns.

Do not hesitate to incorporate activations within our Retail Media ecosystem into your digital media strategy. Let’s talk:

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3: ROAS: Return On Advertising Spend. Retorno de la inversión publicitaria en español

Objetivo: Demostrar la pertinencia de campañas Offsite dirigidas audiencias basadas en audiencias con comportamiento transaccional dentro del retail.

Argumento 1: Mejora la relevancia (evidencia CTR sin audiencias vs audiencias) El CTR puede aumentar un 43%
Fecha (7 dic- 27 dic) Se compara la campaña OI001154 GSK vs OI001093, OI001092, OI001094, OI001258 de Unilever

Argumento 2: Impulsa las ventas tanto en canales ON como en OFF (evolución del roas 1er trimestre 2023 caso Unilever)